General IIS Ripplestone Tips

Change the File or Report Upload Size

When you publish a Crystal Report file or document to Ripplestone you are moving the physical file from the local storage to the web server. Ripplestone has a default file size of 20 MB, so report files that are larger than 20 MB will not upload.

With some documents and reports the file can be larger than 20 MB and the limit will need to be increased.

This size can be changed in the web.config file located in C:SitesRipplestone. The web.config file is an XML file that can be edited with any text editor or XML reader (we use Notepad++ to edit our files and love it). Look for the httpRuntime section and change the maxRequestLength to whatever value you would like (1024 = 1MB).

Below is an example of the httpRuntime section with the default values that come with Ripplestone.