Crystal Reports General new release Ripplestone

Ripplestone Release 2.9.12




With version 2.9.12, Ripplestone continues to improve Crystal Reports Parameters Page and the Scheduler.

Report parameters

Fixed issue with parameters with no value

If a parameter has no value the parameter will still be sent to the report.

Additional Improvements For Stored Procedure Parameters

This version continued improvements, started in version 2.9.11, for parameters that are coming from a Stored Procedure and when to display the Set to Null checkbox.

Fixed Issue for Parameter Default Values

Added code to check if a Crystal Report parameter has any default values; if the parameter doesn’t have any default values Ripplestone will display a text box for the user to enter a value.

Fixed Issue for Parameters That Allow Multiple Values

This version improved the code that displays the parameters values that were saved for a scheduled job.


Scheduler Changes

A bug was Fixed to Check if the Scheduled Job Has Saved Parameters

Fixed a bug where a Crystal Report was saved into the Scheduler without parameter values and then opened at a later time and the program would try to fill the report parameters with values. The page would get an error because there were no parameter values found in the Ripplestone database.

A Bug Was Fixed During Saving of Parameter Values

If a Crystal Report was scheduled in the Ripplestone Scheduler and it had parameters the parameter values were saved in the Ripplestone database. If the report was then changed and the number of parameters was changed the application would not be able match the parameter values in the database with the new parameters in the report. This fix will now attempt to match the parameters in the database with the updated parameters in the Crystal Report.


General items

Changed the Format for Dates

This version changes the format for dates to allows store the dates in the database in the format of yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss. This will help with countries that don’t follow the USA standard of mm/dd/yyyy.

Added Logging When A Report Or Folder Gets Deleted Or Moved

Added code to log in the trace logs anytime a Crystal Report, Document or Folder gets deleted or moved. With this feature there is an audit of when items are moved or deleted.

Added new RS Express tab to the edit document page

A new tab was added to the Edit Document page that will display the RS Express values needed to use the RS Express feature.

Added new RS Express Option to enable the feature

A new option was added to enable or disable the RS Express feature.

Added new RS Express Option to enable the Unique Key Feature

A new option was added to enable or disable using the RS Express Unique Key feature.