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Ripplestone Release 2.9.9 – Summary


With version 2.9.9, Ripplestone continues to improve the user experience with changes to the home page that make it easier for users to navigate and find the Crystal Reports and Office Documents that they use most often. For the administrator we have added many new features that allow them to provide more flexibility for their users.

We will continually strive to look for ways to make Ripplestone the easiest tool for managing Crystal Reports and Microsoft Office Documents.

Home Page Improvements

Added Search to the Home Page

Added a search function to the home page that will allow users to enter a value into a Search Box and any reports with the value in the Title will be displayed in a list on the right side of the Home page.

Added My Document Feature

Allow user to select documents or reports that they use often as favorites and these documents and reports will be listed on the home page for the user.

Display the published documents when a folder is clicked

On the home page, when a folder is clicked the right pane will display all the documents and reports for that folder and allow the user to run/open then from the list. This allows the user to quickly run the report without first clicking on the report in the left side tree and then clicking the Run Report link.

Right Click Support

On the Home page users can right click on the navigation tree and get context menus with common actions.

Scheduler Changes

Performance Tune the Scheduler

The time it takes for the scheduler to check for jobs to run will be faster.

Added New Export Options to the Scheduler

Added new export options that were made available in Crystal Reports XI.

Clean the list of scheduled documents in the history folder

Allow an Administrator or Super User to set a number of documents to keep in the scheduled history or to set the duration in days for documents to be kept in the scheduled history. This can be set globally and then over ridden for individual documents.

Added “First Day After” Option to the Scheduler

For scheduled jobs that run Monthly or Quarterly, there is a new option to run the report on the first day of the month or quarter.

Administrator Document And Home Page Changes

Add option to open a report in pdf format

Allow a report to be opened in a pdf viewer instead of the Crystal Reports Web Viewer. This will be an option on the Edit Document page.

Added a new tab called Published Folder on the Edit Document Page

On the edit document page, a new tab was added called Published Folder. This new folder is used to select the document or report to be published and to select the folder that the document or report will be published to. The folder select is now using a tree that makes finding the folder easier.

Move a published document or report from the Edit Document Page

Added the ability for a Publisher or Administrator to move a document or report to another folder from the Edit Document Page. Before the document would need to be deleted and then re-published to move the document or report.

Edit the Web Viewer Print and Export options from the Edit Document Page

If the report is using the Crystal Reports Web Viewer, allow the user to edit the print and export options from the Edit Document page. The list of reports that are using print and/or export restrictions can still be viewed from the Administration page, but the Adding and Editing is now done on the Edit Document page.

Allow the Title and Text for the right side of the Home page to be changed

Using the System Setup and Configuration page allow an Administrator or Super User to change the title and the text that is displayed on the right pane of the Home page when Ripplestone is started and when the root node of the tree is selected.


Allow the administrator to define what a role can do

When an administrator creates a role, let them have a list of tasks that can be assigned to a role. For example, the administrator could create department administrators that can add users and folders but only to their defined list of folders.

Allow role security to be at a folder level

Allow the administrator to assign the role security (Admin, Publisher, and Scheduler) at a folder level. For example, a role might allow users to view 3 folders within Ripplestone, but only allow them to be a scheduler on one of those folders. On the other two folders they can only view the reports.

Check the user’s security for each folder

When a folder is selected the security is checked for the user to see if they can publish, schedule or only run the documents and reports published in that folder.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug for saving the Password

On the Edit User page, there was a bug that did not save the password when a password was entered and then the user moved to another tab and then saved the User page. This page now correctly saves the password.


Added a link to Delete All Trace Logs

On the Trace Logs page, a link was added to delete all trace logs.

By jlyon12

I'm a partner at TechSol Consulting and we make a software application called Ripplestone that is used to publish, manage, distribute and schedule Crystal Reports. We also create custom websites for ecommerce sites.

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